For your amusement

I aspire to be a funny writer. I read funny blogs, or smart blogs and I think that when I write I sound like them, but nope, it’s just not my style. I tend to lean toward the “lecturie”, I know it’s not a word, but its a tonal quality that I see in my writing. I like to think that some of the things I say are profound, and I find that when I read blogs I am most touched by people who are honest when they write. But I truly appreciate someone who can look at a sad situation and go, yep I can make this funny, or at least mildly amusing. Or who have the right sense of humor to laugh at themselves or find joy in a moment.

I write because it makes me feel better, and I truly hope that people who read this feel something good too. Whether is just the “I am not alone” or ” that feeling is totally normal” or if they can look at my struggles and go “thank god that’s not me” Entertainment is entertainment to a certain point and I don’t think my original intention was for adoration from readers but the release I feel from letting the words flow through me. If I thought I was writing this for the attention I think I would stop writing here. That being said I wish I was funnier here. It is just not in the cards for me. So cheers to be entertained, sorry to my readers if I am not amusing, but You Tube like a cute cat video if you need to laugh, come here if you need to feel supported.

Have a great weekend, get into adventures, don’t give in to the dark.


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