Merry Christmas

I don’t get to write these posts much, because I am always battling something, but my heart if full right now.  Noel, Noel is playing in the background as I write this and this past weekend I hosted my dearest friends and family at a Christmas party in my house. It was warm and wonderful and so full of love and cheer that today, 2 days later I am still feeling the warmth and glow of it. I teared up a few times as I watch people I love talk and laugh and have a good time. My family was all there, minus of few, but mostly they were all there and we ate and drank and just had a great time. It’s funny to think that in a few days the holiday season will be over, and we will be starting a new year. And I am hopeful again. Hopeful that this new year will be my year, a year that I will finally start taking better care of myself, and I am excited to start. I am blessed today, and lucky and overwhelmed with the love I feel. I wish I could talk to all of you personally and look you in the eye and say Merry Christmas, may the next  year bring you joy and peace.


One comment

  1. Love this! Your party was terrific, food excellent, the house looked beautiful and festive….you are an excellent hostess! Thanks for doing this! Love you, mom

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