The first to go…

You make my blood boil, you make me angry and sad and question the things I do and say. You make me act crazier than I really am with your moods and your attitude, your passive aggressive behavior and the way you never answer a straight question with a straight answer. You have caused me more aggravation then any other person in this entire building and when I have tried to talk to you about how to ease our relationship you diminish my feelings and opinions and slop your negativity on top of it all. You make a good job difficult.

You have far to much impact on how I feel on a daily basis, and you will be the first grievance I let go in the new year. But for now I have 34 hours of anger and irritation to feel toward you. Soon you will be a gnat that I swat away, because in the grand scheme of things I am permanent, and you are temporary. I am taking back my control, you don’t get to shit on me anymore. It is over, done and through. No longer will you refer to me as “moody” or “girly” or take away my power with your sarcasm. I will now fight fire with fire and we will see who wins, my money is on me.


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