Spinning and other such nonsense

Hey, so awesome sauce I have some kind of insane vertigo that makes me feel like I am going to vomit constantly. I have been dealing with this for like 4 weeks now, and they put me on a anti-spinning med, but I had to go off of it to go see the specialist. Thankfully that is today cause I don’t like having the drunk spins without a cocktail.

I am still trying to adjust to my recent mental med changes when my awful psychiatrist switches a medication again. I haven’t picked it up yet, personal protest or maybe its the vertigo, or my short term memory. I will get to it I promise. But I just can’t right now, and since I haven’t been taking the other one I think I am fine for a few days.

On the personal triumph side of things, I wore a bikini in front of people last week. I am a roundly shaped human so this was a big step for me and let me tell you it felt good. It was nice, and no one judged me. Or if they did, they did it silently which I appreciate. I also changed a light switch by myself, because I am superwoman without a cape.

Throwing a baby shower this weekend with the ladies in my family and I am amazed at how quickly we pick up things when a challenge is thrown down. It’s awesome and the shower will be great, and hopefully when it is over I get to sleep for a full week. But I am not counting on it.

So that’s the news from Grand Rapids, not super interesting but I’ve been gone for a few weeks and I thought I should dip my toe back into the water. Have a great weekend.

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