God put you on my heart….

God put you on my heart, are you okay? I stopped short, processing the thought and responded quickly, drolly, and realized maybe God did that. We chatted about nothing important, peppering the conversation with realness and superficial responses, and ended the conversation with I love you. God put you on my heart. It kept ringing in my head as I try to sleep last night. How did he know that today would be so hard? That I would struggle not to cry even as I remembered the short conversation. 1 year ago today my Grandmother passed away. On this day 14 years ago we sat in silence as our nation was terrorized and our core was shaken. Both these events can cause tears with the simple memory of them. God put you on my heart, as a reminder that we are all fragile, and precious and wonderful. But also to remind us that we are not alone in this world. My dear friend has struggles of her own, sadness that weighs heavy on her heart and home but she felt the need to reach out and remind me that I am not alone. God put you on my heart. There is poetry in those words, comfort and solace and hope. All the things that I like to think God represents, all the things I wish humanity was. Today I will weep, for the loss, tragedy and horrors of the past, I will weep for the memory of the Grandma that has been lost to me for years, not merely the one she has been physically gone. But I will also smile, knowing that through all of this we can become stronger, more compassionate, kinder, gentler and more humane. It is my hope. God has put you on my heart today, and I love you.

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