Day 2

I have decided on top of trying to do this daily, I am not going to shoot for clever titles as this is as much a diary for me as an entertaining pass time for you. So yesterday was day 1, I ate 830 calories all day and went to bed early with a headache. Headaches are a side effect of the “new normal” but I think it is related to the lack of caffeine. I woke up with a headache today, so with my first snack of the day, Amaretto Hot Chocolate, I added coffee to it instead of hot water. It was okay, and I am hopeful that this headache will go from raging to mildly irritating.

Jacob is doing great, he said he was full all day yesterday and was feeling really good. So I am pumped about that.

Another surprise from day 1, our prepped meals that we had for dinner were actually pretty good. Think lean cuisine with lots of protein, but they tasted better than I thought. I did cheat slightly and put garlic salt on mine, I had to do it since I couldn’t have Parmesan.

Tonight I am hoping to get my Wii set up so I can start that out a little, but honestly I may not since I feel pretty worn out. I know I will get used to this, its just a matter of time. It’s funny though how much you realize you are addicted to food the minute you can’t have it.



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