Day 3

Today is better than the days before as I think that my body is not only acclimating to the lower calories but my internal clock is telling me when its time to get more fuel. So that is good news. So far there has only been one item that I thought was disgusting and thankfully I only bought it 1 time.

I am slightly distracted today, because someone I love dearly, and treasure is walking an uncertain path. And waiting is the hardest part, waiting find out if everything is okay, or if everything is changed forever. I sent up a quick prayer and don’t mind that it was a selfish one because my life is not complete without this person in it.

To summarize, Day 3 is going fine for the “new normal” but personally i am sitting on the edge of my seat, temper short, staring at my phone waiting to find out.

I love you…..

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