Day 9

Another day under my belt. Trying another new item today, and hoping that its good. Struggling a little bit with the variety, which kind of worries me this early in the game. I am starting to think that by the end of this I will be living on protein shakes, protein hot chocolate, protein bars and my fake lean cuisines. Which I think I will be okay with that. I just need to find the right mix of items.

A have a potential road block up ahead. My sister in law’s baby shower, which I am cooking for. That is going to suck! I may talk to the nutritionist about it and see what I should do. I mean at this point, even 9 days in, I would love a big fresh salad and a bowl of soup, which is exactly what I am making for the shower. So I am aware of it, I know it might be a problem and I have to figure out how to deal with it.


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