Timid Salute

To all the would-be Mothers, wish you could Mothers, wish God would Mothers. To all the brave faced ladies, tear-streaked face ladies, and smile with grace ladies. To all the someday women, have faith women, in another time or place women. To the almost was, the lost before but still loved, taken to soon and to young. To all the body betrayed, heart dismayed, try another day and another way women. To the thanks for the advice, remember they are trying to be nice, but it cuts you like a knife ladies.  To those who shine it on, pretend nothing is wrong, but cry when you are gone souls. To those who support them, hold them, cry with them, and feel their loss with them. You are not alone, not abandoned, not broken. To the scores of women who survive another day, who face the world come what may, and continue to learn lessons along the way. So today my dear ones, this is my timid salute, to the childless Mothers and all you go through, because you are worthy, lovely and strong, and you know better than anyone that life does go on.


  1. I hate that this day, created to sell greeting cards, hurts you, hurts anyone. My heart broke for you yesterday as you carried on, with a smile on your face, knowing that your heart was also breaking. I hate it that I can’t fix this for you….I hate it that you suffer in any way. YOU are not broken, YOU are the epitome of wholeness. You are a mother to many, including me; your mother. You possess a kindness and strength not found in abundance in this world. I couldn’t be prouder of the woman you are, full of grace, love, gentleness, beauty, possessing the gift of words, thoughts and deeds unknown to countless people that can sometimes cut you with that knife of advice or words of wisdom, or even worse, thinking that they “understand”, when it just simply isn’t possible. You go ahead and continue to dance your life to your tune darling….because it is your song to sing – and I’ll be right here to be your backup singer, your biggest fan, a shoulder at the ready with arms ready to hold you and allow those tears, anger, feelings to come out, any time, any place. The only thing else I have to offer you is a simple “bless you” – for YOU are a blessing to so many. I love you to the moon and back my precious girl. Mom

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